"Pursuing Vitality Through Gentle, Specific Chiropractic Care!"

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Why Chiropractic?

You have a strong desire for you and your family to feel better 

and live healthier!

At Freeman Family Chiropractic, we will work together over time to improve

your ability to process and recover from the demands of everyday life.

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Improved Stress Response

We will work together to improve your ability to process and recover from the demands of daily life!

Improved Healing & Recovery

Clear communication between the brain and the body can allow the healing process to be more efficient and complete!

Do the Things You LOVE!

As you become healthier, improving in your ability to heal and recover from life's demands, you will be able to return to the things you love.


“...care that is attentive, personalized and empowering. It's been a great way to reenergize my wellness plan.”

— Emily


Initial Sessions

In-Office Assessment
This is a full, in-office beginning to care at Freeman Family Chiropractic. Your visit will include an introduction to the office and processes at FFC, along with a review of your Health History and Health Goals. You will receive a 3-part assessment pertaining to the health of your nervous system that will assist Dr. Robbie in his recommendations for your care over time. The visit will conclude with a spinal check and adjustment if necessary.

Virtual Discovery Call
With this option, you will be able to talk with Dr. Robbie about your reasons for seeking chiropractic
care and discuss with him the potential benefits before scheduling your Initial Assessment.


Your Health Starts Here

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