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"Pursuing Vitality Through Gentle, Specific Chiropractic Care!"

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Meet Dr. Robbie
Why Chiropractic

Why Chiropractic?

You have a strong desire for you and your family to feel better 

and live healthier!

At Freeman Family Chiropractic, we will work together over time to improve

your ability to process and recover from the demands of everyday life.

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Improved Stress Response

We will work together to improve your ability to process and recover from the demands of daily life!

Improved Healing & Recovery

Clear communication between the brain and the body can allow the healing process to be more efficient and complete!

Do the Things You LOVE!

As you become healthier, improving in your ability to heal and recover from life's demands, you will be able to return to the things you love.


“ that is attentive, personalized and empowering. It's been a great way to reenergize my wellness plan.”

— Emily

Chang of Location

Exciting News for Dr. Robbie

In August of 2022, Dr. Robbie made the decision to join Kintegra Health as a specialist on their Chiropractic Team. 

Our Mission

Kintegra Health  is a community sponsored, family-centered provider of health care, health education and preventive care services without regard for the ability to pay.

Our Goals

The philosophies embodied in our Mission Statement confirm our commitment to:

  • Providing continuing comprehensive and accessible primary care services to individuals and families of all economic levels throughout our service area.

  • Providing primary care services to meet the physical as well as social health needs of individuals and families, promoting health maintenance, providing timely diagnostics, treatment and referral services.

  • Emphasizing preventive care through patient and community education to help individuals become aware and responsible for their own health behaviors.

  • Employing an interdisciplinary team approach in collaboration with other community providers to provide a continuum of appropriate patient/family-oriented care in a cost-effective manner.

Dr. Robbie is enjoying his role with Kintegra Health and is very excited about the possibilities that exist for him in bringing the benefits of chiropractic care to a growing number of people!

If you would like to connect with Dr. Robbie, you can do so at the email below. You can also visit the website below to find out more about Kintegra and how to begin receiving care through their community of providers - including Dr. Robbie!

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